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Welfare in Amritsar

The welfare of any society comes from the fact that its people and surroundings remain healthy. In order to maintain this, there are several charitable, government and non-governmental organization which look after the same. These organizations make sure that the society is a safe place for the people and one develops on the whole. Be it the need of women care, child welfare or looking after the orphans, these organizations work towards a socially amicable environment. Full of growth this environment results in the larger goal, development of the society and keeping the people safe and sound.

Welfare in Amritsar

NGOs in Amritsar

NGOs in Amritsar contribute to the welfare of the people in many ways. There are various NGOs in Amritsar which work religiously in reaching out to the people.

Indian Red Cross Society
Near Kutchery, Amritsar Gpo,
Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 183-2500598

Human Life Care Organization
7 Sf A Block, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 9876010220

Lok Kalyan Samiti
New Ranjit Pura -3,
Chheharta Railway Station, Amritsar - 143105
Phone: 9872465799

Positive Network Amritsar (DIC)
C/O Community Care Center, Inside Guru Nanak DEV,
Red Cross Building, Amritsar, Amritsar
Phone: 183-2570686

Amrit Parivaar Parents Association,
Red Cross Bhawan, 1st Floor,
Ranjit Avenue Road, Amritsar Gpo, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 9814420764, 8146520764

United Sikh of Amritsar
S-3, Ground Floor, Opposite Sangam Cinema,
Amritsar Bus Stand, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 8566853630

Save Green
253, Moti Mahal, Jaggu Khand Lahori Gate,
Amritsar Gpo, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 9653260220, 9611000523

Child Welfare in Amritsar

The welfare of the little ones is vital for any society to flourish. There needs to be extreme dedication towards this because the little ones need to be handled with care. The following welfare societies make sure that child care is dealt with immense affection and great effort.

Mahajan Children Hospital
Katra Sher Singh, Opp. D.A.V. College,
Opp. Regent Cinema, Amritsar, Amritsar - 143002
Phone: 9878253053, 9988804737, 183-2557449, 2557441

Employees Provident Fund Organisation
Bhavishaya Nidhi Bhawan, 9,
Basant Avenue, Old Jail Road, Amritsar Gpo, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 183-2402005, 2560886, 2402007, 2402004, 183-2402003

Mata Kaulaji Welfare Centre
Main Road, Amritsar Gpo,
Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 183-3094242

New Bharat Transport Organisation
Shivala Vir Bhan, Inside Ghee Mandi Gate, Amritsar - 143002
Phone: 9501998866, 9216098866, 183-5022616, 2555559

Lilliput Children Wears
9-10 building fashion fort, Near pizza hut,
Lawrence road, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 183-5070402

Dr. Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital
Nr. D.a.v. College For Boys,
Opp. Regent Cinema, Katra Sher Singh,
Amritsar - 143006
Phone: 9876054737, 183-2557449, 2557441

DR Aroras Welfare Clinic
Court road, Amritsar Gpo, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 9417296313, 183-3295081, 2227333

Khetarpal Children Hospital
39-C, Circular Rd, Amritsar - 143002
Phone: 183-2223451, 2565321

Naresh Grover Children Hospital
Majitha Road, Amritsar - 143001
Phone: 9878887787

The above numbers and locations are therefore very useful when it comes to the welfare of the society and its people. These active organizations in Amritsar live up to their names by ensuring that society comes first and people live safe.

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  • S
    Smriti from Amritsar 1435 Days ago

    i would really want a help from an NGO for the delay of my divorce case. It has been 2 years and the final decision is not being made. Y should I suffer for so long. Me and my son are suffering a lot

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    Amitfrom Amritsar 1054 Days ago

    It's the poor legal system. No NGO could help. Only mutual consent divorce can be taken in time bound manner.

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  • p
    prabhjot kaur from amritsar 1608 Days ago

    i want to join with ngo

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