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Wagah Border in Amritsar

Wagah Border is another famous tourist spot in Amritsar. Every day, it attracts people from nearby locations and from all over the world. People come here because this is the border which lies between India and Pakistan. For years now, Wagah Border has been a place where people from both the countries gather on the respective ends and show patriotism.

Since it is the only border crossing between India and Pakistan it becomes all the more important. Visitors become witness to a huge gathering everyday which makes for a great spectacle. The harmony and brotherhood at this place makes it all the more popular and you will see people from all ages gather every evening. Visitors wave their flags and rise in high spirits.  

Wagah Border in Amritsar
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Wagah Border Ceremony in Amritsar

Every day at 5 pm, Wagah Border witnesses an enthusiastic crowd from both sides (Pakistan and India). These people who come here do the same for the sheer joy of celebrating the national fervor and showing their unity to the other side of the border. This ceremony remains the major highlight at this famous tourist spot. Both the sides indulge in a parade with their respective national flags. Towards the end, the flags are lowered and folded.

After that there is a handshake leading to the closing of the gates, once again. During this spectacle people rejoice on drum beats and cheers which are at a pitch high enough from both the sides. The ceremony is an elaborate affair and conducted every day with great finesse. The guards perform well their duties which in turn make for a great sight for the tourists and the locals who gather in large numbers. 

Wagah Border Ceremony in Amritsar
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Location of Wagah Border in Amristar

The Wagah Border is located 32 kilometres from Amritsar city. From Lahore, Pakistan its distance falls at about 22 kilometres. Its close proximity from both the countries makes it easy to reach and immensely popular. With so many means to get to the Wagah Border, people make sure to visit it as often as possible.

How to Reach Wagah Border in Amritsar

By Road: It takes you about 45 minutes to reach Wagah Border by car from Amritsar city. You can easily find cabs which take you to this eventful tourist destination with comfort. Then, there are buses which go directly from the Attari Railway station. From here you can take a rickshaw which will take you directly to the Wagah Border.

By Train:
The famous Samjhauta Express which goes from Delhi to Lahore stops at Wagah Border. You can get down at the Attari Railway Station and then take a rickshaw to Wagah Border which is just few kilometres away.

How to reach Wagah Border in Amritsar
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The Wagah Border thus makes for a popular destination near Amritsar. The rush of crowd explains the fervour it creates. Seeing the guards come together, the national flags of both nations being raised then folded in order, the gates opening arouses patriotism. It is because of this event and the ambiance of the place that people flock together from not just parts of India, but you can easily spot international tourists make way to this historical sight. Its presence has been felt in the city for many decades now and the same feel continues with each day.

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