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Special Cuisine of Amritsar

Amritsar is an amalgamation of a rich cuisine presented in great variety. Punjabis are warm people who like to celebrate with food. They welcome their guests with great regards and ensure that the food served reminds the other of their culture. Going by this, the cultural essence of Punjab is seen in the cuisine special to Amristar. No matter how fancy your taste of eating out is, but you will still settle for a meal at one of the streets, famous for Amritsari cuisine.

The food appears to be very heavy, but with each bite you will be thinking that it’s not enough. It is always said that to experience the best in these dishes one must go to the authentic dhabas. Here, you will find chefs who have been cooking the same thing for years and have a line of people coming from all areas. This is so because it is the taste that sells, not the amount of options available. The food thus served speaks in volumes about what Amritsari people prefer and what remains true to their culture. After all, food does speak a lot about a community and Punjabis love every bite of what they serve.

Special Cuisine of Amritsar
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Amritsari Kulcha as Special Cuisine of Amritsar

At the first glance it may appear to be a heavy piece of bread, but once you nibble into it you are sure to be pleased. Amristari Kulcha is a delight. Prepared using dough, the bread is kulcha is cut at the center and stuffed with either potato or some light tasty mix. You can eat this just as it is, but just remember it should be nicely heated. The bread is best when warm for as you bite into it, you can feel every ingredient make way into your mouth. The places that serve Amritsari Kulcha do the same with dry cholay or some form of exquisite gravy.

Lassi as Special Cuisine of Amritsar

Lassi is one of those drinks that are made for pure refreshment. Have it before a meal or after one, you will feel very light. The drink is made in the simplest manner. You can of course add flavor later depending on your choice of taste. In Amritsar you will not find lassi only the way you find it in rest of Punjab. Here, lassi is made in different flavors and the varieties are sure to take you by surprise. Lassi is enjoyed with meals or for refreshment after a tiring day. Lassi can be very easily prepared at homes and many people in Amritsar offer lassi instead of tea or coffee. Thus, this drink is a must have.

Lassi as Special Cuisine of Amritsar
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Amritsari Fish as Special Cuisine of Amritsar

Fish is another very healthy thing to eat. It contains much nutritional value which further helps the body. In Amritsar, people love eating fish with a Punjabi twist. The fried Amritsari fish served with chutney or onions and sprinkled lemon is mouth watering. The fish pieces are prepared keeping in mind Punjabi taste elements.

Amrisari Fish as Special Cuisine of Amritsar
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Once mixed with other ingredients and then deep fried, the fish become crispy on the outside and remains soft on the inside. As you bite, you will feel an amount of crunchiness and soon and oozing experience with the soft portion. Amritsari fish can be eaten as an appetizer or relished in main course, the choice is yours. Various outlets on the streets of Amritsar are famous for serving this specialty for years and the crowd only keeps increasing.

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