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Medical Facilities in Amritsar

Health facilities for any city are matter of prime importance. In order to expand the reach of the city, especially when it plays a significant part, one’s direction in this sector needs all attention. With Amritsar being a popular city in Punjab, the government has well ensured to provide it with best of facilities when it comes to health. Going by this, the city has some of the best medical representatives who practice in some of the leading hospitals and medical centers.

Amritsar hospitals and other medical centers are backed by modern technology and efficient facilities that allow patients to get the best treatment possible. There are many expert specialties in these centers which have time and again worked for the best of the patients. Also, there is a diverse approach to health in Amritsar. From hospitals that cater to all sorts of patients, there are specialized places too which treat patients of specific illness with utmost care. Thus, one has preference too and can make use of the services made available in this city.

Health in Amritsar
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Hospitals in Amritsar

With healthcare so important to the city there are several hospitals in Amritsar that look after the well being of the people. Speaking of which, you will find many private and government hospitals which contribute equally at all accounts. In these hospitals, you will find testing facilities, separate laboratories, trained staff that ensure that extreme care is taken of the patients. Each hospital very carefully deals with its patients. The hospitals also provide spacious in-house services to patients who are admitted to the hospital. From a large number of beds to nurses taking care of these patients, the atmosphere remains healthy.

There are several departments in hospitals where one can treat for the illness they suffer from. Severe diseases like tuberculosis, chest diseases and more, find perfect cure in these hospitals. The state government has never backed out from providing such services to the people. They have spent money and time to make sure that the right facility reaches at the right time. After all it is the health and life of the people that is the primary concern. Thus, all hospitals, private or government put their best foot forward in taking care of the people.

Hospitals in Amritsar

Nursing Homes in Amritsar

A nursing home requires capable hands to look after the needs of the patients. Be it a maternity center, a mental care center, or simply one for the care of the elderly patients, nursing homes need to provide best services. Going by the same, Amritsar nursing homes come forward promoting a healthy environment in the city. These centres make sure that its people first and nothing surpasses their well being. Giving day and night long services, these centres have a rush of patients coming in, and each looked after with utmost care. Some of the nursing homes in the city include:

  • Rupinder Nursing Home
  • Prem Rai Maternity & Nursing
  • Chhachhi Nursing Home
  • Agarwal Nursing Home
  • Malkar Eye Nursing Home

Yoga in Amritsar

In the last decade, Yoga has become a practice that has gained massive popularity. People have started showing interest in this health medium. It is all about one’s fitness, not just from the outside, but also from within. With this growing need, Amritsar has seen many new and old Yoga centers that have come up in the recent past. These morning classes are a great start to your day as it ensures complete development of the body, mind and soul. Many gyms in the city too have included yoga classes in their services as they too understand the need of this form. In order to reach out to these centers, you can check from the list below which feature the leading centers in Amritsar:

  • Buddha Meditation Center
  • Sahaja Yoga
  • Talwalkars Better Value Fitness Limited
  • The Art of Living
  • Ayurveda Yogashram

Yoga in Amritsar
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Dieticians in Amritsar

A good diet is not a difficult thing to find, but one that I tough to maintain. People often get misguided and follow wrong eating orders in the day to day lives. In a city like Amritsar that has a large variety of food, maintaining a good diet becomes all the more necessary. Going to a dietician in this regard doesn’t mean cutting down on what you want to eat, but just knowing the right proportions. People often get the whole experience of dieting wrong for they think it’s all about eating less. Well, dieticians in Amritsar are best at their job and they tell you what to eat and in what amount. It doesn’t mean giving away food at all. You can ask these dieticians not just for these diet charts, but help understand your body and its metabolism. These are experts who will guide you at every time, and will make sure that weight loss remains as healthy as possible. Some leading dietician centers are:
  • Eat it Right
  • Diet Planet
  • K2RS Health Care
  • Talwalkars

Dieticians in Amritsar
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Occupational Therapy in Amritsar

Unlike hospitals and other medical centers, Occupational Therapy is a more personalized experience where there needs to be a direct contact with the patient. Time needs to be given with full attention to cure the patient. Such practices include physiotherapy, speech therapy and other such ways that help better one’s daily life. Occupational therapy is practiced in Amritsar too, where these practitioners allow the patients to recover by giving them the time and treatment required.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Amritsar
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It is not in everybody’s hands to deal with mental deformities of any sort. Psychologists and Psychiatrists know their job best and are the ones to go to in case of any help or consultancy. Medical conditions may be of any nature. It may be at a stage where talking helps and it can be cured, or it may be at a stage where one needs severe medication. Thus, visiting the right Psychologists and Psychiatrists is a must for they know what the best is for you.

Punjab Mental Hospital in Amritsar is famous name when it comes to this. Here, you will find the best of doctors who are experienced enough to deal with patients suffering from mental illness. Therapies, personal care, in house facilities are all provided to these patients to ensure they get the best of care.

Medical Tourism in Amritsar

Medical Tourism in the recent past has become a fast growing industry. It is not in every person’s capability to afford treatment in the developed countries like USA and UK. Thus, understanding the same, India has laid focus on developing the medical needs of the people and making sure that India attracts patients from all over the world. KD Hospital in Amritsar is one such destination. It has successfully been promoting Medical Tourism by setting up a department and providing the much needed facilities to the people.

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