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Golden Temple in Amritsar

Golden Temple in Amritsar
Source : Flickr

Golden Temple is synonymous with the city of Amritsar. The history of this famous shrine goes back to the days of the formation of the city. Known as Harmandir Sahib by its devotes worldwide this Gurudwara marks great significance in the lives of the Sikhs. It is no doubt the most sacred place for the people of Sikh religion, a large population of which is present in the city of Amritsar.

Swarna Mandir in Amritsar
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A city like Amritsar has a lot to offer to its tourists and the residents. But amidst all the best it contains, the Golden Temple till date remains the main highlight. Pictures of the place which show experience of peace during the day and the magnificence during the night are spellbinding.

History of Golden Temple

Historically, Golden Temple has great significance in regard to any other place in Amritsar. Founded by the fourth guru, Guru Ram Das, it was around this temple that Amritsar city was formed. The place was then regarded as an abode of the gods and till date maintains that spiritual touch. Many Sikh philosophers and gurus dedicated their works towards this gurdwara making it one of the most pious places for the people of this religion.

Golden Temple Amritsar
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It contains the Guru Granth Sahib, which is the holiest text of Sikh religion and has highest regards among the people. Going by the historical events, Operation Blue Star led to a great damage of this shrine. This was regarded as the biggest damage not just to the Gurudwara but also to the sentiments of the people. In order to evacuate the Sikhs hiding in the temple, the then Prime Minitser Indira Gandhi asked the army to shower gun shots at this monument. It caused a huge rage and hatred towards her, ultimately leading to her death.

Architecture of Golden Temple in Amritsar

Built on a low level, the gurdwara contains steps which lead downward to enter the temple. With four entrances, the gurdwara opens up to people of all religions. This shows how Sikh religion was so welcoming and respected all religions alike.

Architecture of Golden Temple
Source : Flickr

The outer appearance of Harmandir Sahib is that of gold, which is connected to its name. The Golden charm of the gurdwara has even led to Amritsar being called the Golden City.

Inside the Golden Temple in Amritsar

Entrance of Golden Temple
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The Golden Temple on the inside is beautiful. The artwork is made of the finest products and precious stone with gold of course. The ceiling takes you back to the ancient times when royalty spelled opulence in its surroundings. When inside the Gurudwara, you can listen to the holy Guru Granth Sahib.

Inside the Golden Temple in Amritsar
Source: Flickr

For this you can sit at the Darbar Sahib where the Gurbani is read. In case you require information about the Golden Temple there is a museum with all the information. During your visit, make sure to be part of the langar, which serves thousands of people on a daily basis. The meal is simple but means a lot to those who sit down to eat it. People come for service too at the Gurdwara.

Rules at Golden Temple Amritsar

With so much significance associated with this gurdwara, there is obviously a level of sincerity one needs to maintain. The rules come from the fact that since the temple is opened for all, one needs to respect the gurus. You cannot take these rules lightly because people here insure they are followed. Not going by them would mean hurting religious sentiments.

The sacred temple of Sikhs
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To be present among such positivity and peace that the shrine offers, one must maintain the rules as follows:

  • Once you have entered the premises, make sure you head remains covered. Men can cover it with head covering cloth, handkerchief while women can cover their heads with dupattas, scarves or stoles. In case one is not carrying such an item, the gurdwara provides you with head covering material. This is done in order to show respect once in the gurdwara and is carried out by everyone who visits.

  • Make sure you remove your footwear. Once that is done, wash your feet in the pool at the entrance and make way to the Gurudwara.

  • Inside the Gurudwara, make sure you are not carrying eatables which are non vegetarian. Smoking and use of alcohol is prohibited and if found strict actions will be taken. This mean hurting religious sentiments and no one will be excused when in the premises.

The area is so pious that even in the areas surrounding the Golden Temple, people make sure to cover their heads. They have the highest regards for the place and show it at all possible times.

How to reach Golden Temple in Amritsar

How to reach Golden Temple in Amritsar

  • From Amritsar Airport: It takes you about 15-20 minutes to reach the Golden Temple from the Amritsar Airport.

  • From Amritsar Railway Station: Golden Temple from Amritsar railway station as distance between Golden Temple and Amritsar railway station is almost 2 km that can be covered in just 8 minutes by car/cab/taxi. 

  • Commuting via Road: There is a free bus service which can be taken from the Railway Station and brings you directly to the Golden Templs. Then, you can always hire taxis, take rickshaws as all ways lead to the Golden Temple eventually when in this city. It is thus very easy to locate this gurdwara and reach it.

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