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Fairs and Festivals in Amritsar

There is every reason to rejoice in a city like Amritsar as it’s full of festivity. The yearlong calendar is marked with many fairs and festivals which refreshes the spirit of this holy city. People come from all parts of the country to witness sheer celebration. Punjabis as we know have reached to every part of the world and are successful in their work. But, for those Punjabis who like to witness their true culture and the real essence of each festival, make sure to visit Amritsar.

NRIs from the city also return home to be with their near and dear ones so that festivity can be celebrated together and each one of them can seek the blessings. During such times, Amritsar can be seen in a completely different light. The Golden Temple, one of the most regarded shrines is lit up and the scene is mesmerizing. Not just this but the streets, important localities and also bask in the beauty of this celebratory mood. All in all, people here really know how to welcome the festivals they so look forward to and the city shines all out during these times.

Fairs and Festivals in Amritsar

Notable Fairs and Festivals of Amritsar

Lohri: The festival of Lohri marks the start of the New Year as it falls in the month of January. Every year on the 13th of January, people come together in high spirits to celebrate this festival. The time of the festival is such that the harvesting of the Rabi crops is completed and the time is supposed to brings good luck and prosperity in the lives of the people. Right from farmers to newlyweds, all come together to celebrate this festival. Read more

The celebration is started with prayers in different households and greeting one another. In the evening, a bonfire it lit where people gather around it and enjoy various sweets, dry fruits. You will also find people throwing peanuts and revadi sweets in the fire as it’s considered a ritual. This is also followed by music, dance and the celebration continues. Many Lohri celebrations are organised throughout the city which conduct cultural programs, bhangra nights and more.

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Basant Panchami: Falling in either of the first two months of the year, Basant Panchami is another popular festival in Amritsar. The Gurdwara’s have devotees coming in great numbers to seek the blessings of the Gurus. Kite flying is a popular practice during this festival. People gather at their houses, parks, stadiums to fly kites and the sky is full of pretty colors. Special food and sweets are prepared to keep the celebrations going. Read more

Guru Purab: Guru Purab is an auspicious festival for the Punjabis. The festival falls twice every so there is double celebration in the month of January and November. The festival is very important for the Sikhs as it remembers Sikh Gurus, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Ji, respectively. Read more

Remembering Guru Nanak and his holy work, the celebrations in November are marked by the reading of the Holi Guru Granth Sahib. There Gurdwaras are lit up and celebrations continue throughout the city. This is a very holy time for the Sikhs and they make sure to seek the blessings of the Gurus. In January, Guru Purab celebrates the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Not just Amritsar, but Punjabis all over the world cherish this time and remember their Guru and his work.

Baisakhi: Falling in the month of April, Baisakhi is another festival close to the Punjabis. The significance of this festival lies in the fact that Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji has formed the order of Khalsa and thus this festival is so important, especially for the Sikhs. 

 During Baisakhi, there are numerous fairs around the city which gather crowds in huge numbers. From delicious food to selling of artifacts and jewellery, there is every reason to rejoice at this time. Just like Lohri, this festival is a celebration time for the farmers who seek the results of their hard work. Read more

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Ram Tirath Fair:
The Ram Tirath Fair is another religious festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Amritsar. Held in November, the fair goes on for about five days. The tales of Lord Ram and Sita are remembered and their idols are worshiped. The fair holds a large crowd every year and people come from all corners to witness this grand celebration.

The fair is such that it fills the space with lights and celebration. People come out dressed for the celebrations and the mood continues with great fervor. With Diwali before the Ram Tirath Fair, the entire month feels like a time of celebration. Read more

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